Automate standard processes:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We live in an age of increasing digitization and Automation. Yet companies still lose money and time because business and service processes run in an unstructured and traditional manner - without intelligent IT and software support.

 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest innovative solution for the automated handling of business and administrative processes through virtual robots. Without changing your existing applications or platforms infrastructure. It introduces greater speed, efficiency, standardization, and accuracy to the repetitive, standard and high-volume rules-based tasks.

The digital RPA robots mimic and automate tasks normally performed by humans interacting with data between systems, which is mean that RPA robots can use all type of applications for the completion of a process just like a human would do.

Customer services, Business and administrative processes can be completed partially or fully with automation.

For example:  in Customer services environment, imagine the great impact in SLA, handling time and customer satisfaction if your customer service agent can get the right information and support in fast accurate real time through attended RPA robots which can support agents accesses company‚Äôs data in seconds, analyses it, and offers next-best-action recommendations on the basis of your business rules.

We at novomind MEA provide and develop RPA Robots for the profitable optimization and automation of your customer services and business processes. We offer a holistic approach and extensive know-how.


  • RPA End-to End Implementation
  • RPA use cases Assessment
  • RPA POC and Pilot implementation services
  • RPA process and use cases deep dive analysis
  • Build RPA Center of Expertise (CoE)

To request a RPA DEMO or to discuss Proof-of-Concept (POC) implementation, please contact us and we will get in touch with you soon.