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15 May 2017

Operating in style – fashion company BRAX now uses novomind also for product data management

BRAX product data management and marketplace integration in cooperation with novomind
novomind has intensified its cooperation with BRAX to support the German fashion brand in expanding its digital strategy. Since February 2017, the company, which is headquartered in the eastern Westphalian town of Herford and looks back on a long tradition, has used novomind iPIM for product data management. The software developed by Hamburg-based IT specialist novomind replaces the existing system and is designed to help optimise the online shop. 

The quality of the product data is of special importance in the fashion sector. “Online shoppers often know very well what they are looking for and want to find their desired items as effectively and quickly as possible in an online shop,” says Markus Rohmeyer, Head of the PIM Division at novomind. The better the data are kept and managed, the more satisfied the customer and the lower the rate of return. The great flexibility and the comprehensive standard functions of novomind iPIM ensure that the BRAX web shop is supplied with the best possible product data.

“We have chosen novomind not only because it improves the supply of product data to our web shop but also because it facilitates the integration with different marketplaces,” says Rüdiger Traub, BRAX E-Commerce Manager. The iMARKET software from novomind integrates the BRAX online shop with the marketplaces of Otto, Amazon, Aboutyou and Zalando. The data supply of novomind iMARKET was adjusted in the context of the introduction of novomind iPIM, so that the data for the marketplaces are now also supplied by the new PIM system.

“The combination of novomind iPIM and novomind iMARKET greatly simplifies the processes and results in a much clearer structure,” says Markus Rohmeyer. “That is always our aim – to offer software that is easy to operate and facilitates fast and reliable processes.”