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05 Jun 2018

Quality first: Mountaineering brand Mammut now operates US online shop with software from novomind

Previous system replaced with novomind iSHOP / novomind iPIM used for product information management / Focus on emotional shopping

Emotional shopping is the key to the US e-commerce market. This is the basis on which the Mammut Sports Group redesigned its US online shop and reopened it in April 2018 at The globally successful Swiss mountaineering brand makes extensive use of appealing images of landscapes and athletes in action and shows the diverse possible uses of its products to increase US customers‘ identification with the premium brand. Since April Mammut has relied on novomind for the restart and ongoing operation of the online shop. Last year, the Hamburg-based software provider already relaunched Mammut’s new European online shop for five countries in three languages. In the USA, novomind iSHOP, the flexible, high-performance SaaS commerce solution, is used in combination with novomind iPIM for efficient product data management to enable state-of-the-art multi-channel commerce that is tailored to the specific requirements of the US market.

“To operate a successful online shop in the USA, the combination of technical quality and emotional persuasiveness is very important,” says Florian Held, Head of E-Commerce at Mammut. “We were absolutely impressed with novomind’s implementation of the new online shop in Europe and therefore chose novomind iSHOP and iPIM also for our US shop.” High performance, great dynamics and quick loading times meet even the highest technical demands. The product information management system ensures a fast and reliable export of data directly to the online shop, which allows the Mammut products and articles to be presented using high-quality images and information, which is a critical factor in emotional shopping.

“We were able to efficiently meet the special demands made by the US market using the tried-and-tested, well-matched combination of our shop system and our PIM system,” says Stefan Grieben, COO of novomind AG. “Apart from the translation and the adaptation of the size specs to the US market, we also had to take into account the complicated tax rate factor. In the USA, it is possible that you have a number of different tax rates within the same city, which is something we had to consider in the calculation beforehand.”