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14 Oct 2020

A powerful duo: PUMA relies on novomind iMARKET and novomind iPIM for international marketplace integration

Now also in South Africa: marketplace software for PUMA in use on all continents / Product data supply to PUMA brand stores in all regions and processing of all orders

(Foto Credit: Robert Ascroft/PUMA)

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA with its wide range of shoes, textiles and accessories is well known and popular on all continents. The brand with the jumping feline predator is growing across all sectors and regions. As part of its e-commerce strategy, PUMA Global uses novomind iMARKET for the integration into interna-tional online marketplaces. The software for automated marketplace integration is currently in use in twelve regions worldwide, including North America, India, Australia, Chile, Japan, Rus-sia and Turkey. The recent integration of South Africa marked the company’s successful jump into the African online market.

novomind iMARKET is the software in the background that controls the worldwide online trade of PUMA Global, which processes all orders. The PUMA brand stores in all regions are integrated via the novomind marketplace software. In addition, PUMA products are currently available worldwide via the marketplaces Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Rakuten and the Turkish marketplace Trendyol, which has been added this year. In the USA, PUMA products are also available via Google Shopping. Integration into further marketplaces is planned for the coming months.

“We are constantly further developing novomind iMARKET in order to offer our customers a tailor-made standard software for their strategic marketplace business,” says Markus Rohmeyer, CPO of novomind.  “For and together with PUMA Global, we have now reached a new level of internationalization and established novomind iMARKET as a global commerce middleware.”

The novomind marketplace middleware is connected to all interfaces and ensures fast, automated data distribution from a single source and thus maximum e-commerce efficiency.

novomind iPIM serves as a data hub between the different system components for the aggre-gation and market-specific provision of all product information.
“novomind is an innovative and reliable partner who makes our products available on various marketplaces in key markets worldwide via novomind iPIM and iMARKET,” explains Dylan Valade, Head of Global E-Commerce Technology at PUMA.

PUMA has been using novomind iMARKET for international marketplace integration since 2015 and has thus made its product range available on eBay and Zalando in numerous European countries. Worldwide marketplace integration is the next step.

Efficient software for the realization and automation of online marketplace integration is becoming increasingly important in global e-commerce. novomind iMARKET ensures maximum reach and transparency because the backend solutions of the Hamburg-based software developers are individually tailored to their customers’ needs. The marketplace software comprises product information management, order management, inventory and product range management as well as comprehensive reporting. The individual backend integration and the on-demand model moreover minimize the IT effort for the companies using the software. In combination with novomind iPIM via a standard interface, novomind iMARKET is therefore a key component in the strategic marketplace business of many online retailers and brands.