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09 Sep 2019

novomind messaging API simplifies integration of WhatsApp Business solution and other services

New messaging solution from novomind enables flexible integration into existing system landscapes with individual front-ends / Premiere at DMEXCO (Hall 7, Booth C-019)

Hamburg, 9 September 2019 – The new novomind messaging API simplifies the use of messenger services for enterprises. novomind, the Hamburg-based provider of intelligent omni-channel and customer service software, now enables enterprises to quickly and flexibly integrate the WhatsApp channel into their customer service or e-commerce, regardless of the existing system environment. Besides individual front-ends such as apps, existing customer service solutions or shop systems can also be flexibly integrated in order to use messaging services such as the official WhatsApp Business solution in various scenarios. At this year’s DMEXCO in Cologne, which will run from 11 to 12 September, novomind will premiere the new novomind messaging API in Hall 7, Booth C-019 and show how messengers can be integrated into new and existing system environments.

“While novomind integrates the messaging API ‘backstage’, customers can concentrate on their ‘main stage performance’,” says Sylvia Tantzen, Managing Director of novomind messaging GmbH. “The front-end design can now be implemented freely and individually – via the customer, an integration partner or directly via novomind.”

Potential application scenarios of the novomind messaging API include the sending of notifications via WhatsApp (e.g. delivery confirmation, mobile ticket) as well as the possibility for customers to respond to this notification. In case of a reply, the novomind messaging API can be used to integrate the existing customer service tool and thus use the familiar system environment.

The messaging API thus further expands novomind’s range of messaging solutions. The entire process and product development in the field of messaging is provided by novomind messaging GmbH. The wholly-owned subsidiary of novomind AG has been focusing exclusively on the messaging sector for several months now and integrates the worlds of customer service and commerce. So far, the WhatsApp channel has been available primarily as part of an enterprise solution under the roof of the central novomind iAGENT communications platform. This combined solution will be continued as the novomind messaging communication platform. In addition, the new novomind messaging API opens up the possibility to flexibly integrate all relevant messaging services into existing systems with individual front-ends.