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28 Jul 2020

novomind – innovation partner of Volkswagen AG

The software experts from Hamburg are part of VW’s agile project team for the development of future-oriented mobility concepts / novomind iPIM is a core component of the service platform in Volkswagen’s digital ecosystem
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Volkswagen relies on software from Hamburg-based novomind AG to develop innovative mobility concepts for the future.  novomind takes on the role of an enabler for e-commerce development in the context of One Digital Platform, the online ecosystem for digital services managed by the new Group company Car.SW Org. The iPIM product information management system is at the heart of this platform, making novomind a member of a select pool of Volkswagen partners that work as an agile project team on strategic topics for all brands of the world’s leading automotive group.

As an enabler for the virtual shops, novomind iPIM ensures the reliable supply of data for all relevant product ranges in One.Shop, the e-commerce component of the cloud-based service platform. This makes the high-performance PIM system from Hamburg-based software developer novomind a key component of the service platform to push ahead the automated supply of data. All relevant data of the products, services and functions of all Volkswagen brands will be maintained centrally. To this end, novomind iPIM collects the data from numerous backend systems and passes them on for use in the virtual shop of Volkswagen’s digital ecosystem. The first milestone in connection with the introduction of the new platform was the online sale of fully configured new cars and leasing returns of the Audi brand launched at the beginning of May. The required product data are already provided by novomind iPIM.

By participating in the agile project team of the Volkswagen Group, novomind makes an important contribution to the digital transformation in the automotive sector. “Future-oriented mobility concepts also rely on the customer-oriented digital service offering of the vehicles. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in digital commerce and our creative development spirit, we know very well what online customers really want and are therefore able to offer unique customer experiences,” says Peter Samuelsen, founder and CEO of novomind AG. “In this project, too, we will help to continuously improve the user experience and provide a hands-on impression of all Volkswagen brands along all touchpoints by ensuring the reliable supply of high-quality product data.”

The applications of novomind iPIM in connection with One Digital Platform will be constantly expanded. Going forward, dealers, importers and manufacturers will also be able to access the system and maintain their online product range centrally.

novomind iPIM is a product that offers outstanding performance,” say Kai Oliver Rieskamp and Patrick Krippendorf, product managers responsible for the One.Shop platform. “The novomind team immediately understood our ambitious plan to create an e-commerce platform for the Group, has excellently integrated itself into our partner setup and helps us achieve our product and business objectives.”

novomind obtained TISAX certification (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) in early 2020. This information security standard defined by the automotive industry is a precondition for cooperation with the majority of manufacturers and suppliers in the German automotive industry today.