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03 Aug 2017

novomind iAGENT integrates Salesforce for a 360 degree view in customer communications

Customer service software of the Hamburg-based IT specialists facilitates service center processes
Hamburg-based systems house novomind AG has integrated “Salesforce”, its customer relations management software, into its web-based novomind iAGENT customer service software as an app. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), novomind iAGENT allows thousands of processes (e-mails, chats, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) to be managed per day, making it extremely flexible. Salesforce was integrated in the context of the continuous expansion of app applications at novomind. The flexible implementation as an app offers companies which already use or plan to introduce Salesforce as a system numerous advantages.

The integration of Salesforce into novomind iAGENT facilitates and accelerates the processes and, consequently, the communication with the customer in the service center. Incoming cases are semantically identified, analysed and categorised using AI; Salesforce creates a case including all information and the service consultant can see the complete customer history at a glance and react accordingly.

“The integration of Salesforce into novomind iAGENT enables a 360 degree view of all processes in the system,” says Sylvia Feja, Head of E-Communication at novomind. All cases can be documented company-wide for a horizontal view of the workflow. The app developed by novomind offers the advantage that all adjustments of the app are possible independently of an update of novomind iAGENT or the Salesforce system, which makes them easy to implement depending on the customer’s specific situation.

As the growing number of electronic customer inquiries entails many new challenges for service centers and their staff, it is a general advantage of novomind iAGENT with the integrated Salesforce app that novomind iAGENT analyses the inquiries with the help of AI in a matter of seconds, assigns them to a topic and proposes customised matching texts. This reduces the processing times, accelerates the response process and increases the efficiency.

novomind iAGENT is the central communication platform of novomind. It pools all customer channels in modules for chat, e-mail, claim and call. The platform also comprises the provision of a chatbot or intelligent FAQ systems for self-service.