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03 Dec 2018

novomind opens branch in Rostock

Hamburg-based commerce and customer service software experts now operate also on the Baltic Sea / Third branch following Alexandria and Dubai / Proximity to the university an important competitive advantage
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Hamburg-based novomind AG continues to grow – besides its two international branches in Alexandria and Dubai, the company has now set up shop on the Baltic Sea. The software experts moved into the new offices in Rostock in the summer and have now started operations. The initially 10-strong team is set to grow steadily.

“We chose our second German location very consciously,” says Stefan Grieben, COO of novomind AG. “Rostock is a Hanseatic and university city, which perfectly fits our company and our corporate philosophy.” As a company established and headquartered in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, novomind is firmly rooted in the north. Moreover, many of novomind’s developers joined the company from Rostock University and the universities and colleges in Lübeck, Stralsund, Wismar and Greifswald. “The proximity to the University of Rostock was definitely a key factor in our decision,” says Stefan Grieben. “Our strategy is geared to continuous growth, for which we need the right people.” The team of initially ten is to be more than doubled by 2020.

Being a German and European technology leader in its sector, novomind develops efficient software solutions for fast, modern online performance in customer service and e-commerce. novomind solutions are used in the areas of customer service (novomind iAGENT), e-shops (novomind iSHOP), product information management (novomind iPIM) and international marketplace integration (novomind iMARKET). The company’s customer base comprises institutions, associations and companies of all sizes, from authorities, financial service providers and SMEs to large international corporations. While novomind software is largely cloud-based, the company’s SaaS (software as a service approach) means that it can be integrated flexibly in almost any environment. In August 2018, novomind became one of the world’s first official WhatsApp Business solution providers, which means that the company is able to swiftly and effectively integrate the new WhatsApp Business API (interface) into the electronic customer service of organizations and institutions.

In spring 2018, novomind opened its second international location, novomind MEA (Middle East and Africa), in Dubai. The distribution company complements the activities of novomind Egypt LLC, the fulfillment center in Egypt and the first international branch opened by the company, and thus rounds off its market entry in the Middle East and North Africa.