07 Sep 2021

novomind AG supports ETIM Deutschland e.V. as sponsoring member

Data confusion, huge effort for manufacturers and retailers: The ETIM association was founded in 1999 with the intention of establishing a standard model for data exchange (“ETIM” – Electro-Technical Information Model) for the electrical industry.

In July 2021, novomind became a supporting member of ETIM Deutschland e.V. and pursues similar goals. In the growing B2B and B2C online business, retailers depend on optimally prepared product information, as this is the only way for them to correctly and attractively present their products in catalogs and their e-commerce channels. Often, however, the file formats and product descriptions of the different manufacturers are very heterogeneous, and a great effort is required to adapt and reformat the supplier information.

Participation in the ETIM standard is of great advantage for the automated import of data and information. PIM systems such as novomind iPIM facilitate supplier data onboarding and mapping of supplier information to the company’s own data model. This ensures an error-free and time-saving catalog process. The ETIM standard ensures smooth data exchange between industry and trade, thus leaving more time for sales.