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04 Oct 2017

novoinsight 2017: Artificial intelligence – and everything runs automatically?

Annual conference of novomind showcases software technologies and visions / 350 participants mark new record / Keynote by Jochen Schweizer
novoinsight: Jochen Schweizer und Peter Samuelsen

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one the current mega trends – but does it mean that everything works automatically? And what do we understand by it after all? Self-driving cars, self-learning chatbots, communicating machines? “novoinsight”, the 14th annual conference of software developer novomind, was all about the intelligent, efficient and, hence, successful use of AI technology. The annual event held at the CURIO House in Hamburg was attended by some 350 participants, which marked a new visitor record. The keynote address was held by Jochen Schweizer, a successful entrepreneur and visionary: “Big leaps require courage.”

Entrepreneurial courage is part of novomind’s success formula. “AI was part of our idea from the very beginning, its ongoing further development is what drives our company and it is now becoming mature,” says company founder and CEO Peter Samuelsen. “We are convinced that AI technology can make an important contribution to corporate success – provided that it is used efficiently and in the right places,” he added. “After all, the dynamic digitisation of society and of all areas of life offers countless opportunities for intelligent applications.” In e-commerce and in electronic customer service, in distribution and in communication, in the financial sector as well as in organisations and institutions.

Three high-calibre lectures in three programme modules relating to commerce and customer service showed how customised software solutions can best be implemented. The novomind iAGENT module was all about intelligent customer communication. Scenarios illustrating the use of chatbots at freenet, Telefonica Germany and AXA met with great interest from the participants, as did an FAQ Center experience report by DAK Gesundheit and the assessment of self-service opportunities in the travel industry based on the example of HolidayCheck.

The novomind iSHOP module took a look at the future: intelligent shop management, shopping with the help of voice assistants or virtual reality support and the automation of processes showed the latest developments. The Otto Group reported on its commerce experience in Russia and the Netherlands, while the Mammut Sports Group presented its new high-performance state-of-the-art web shop.

The novomind iPIM/iMARKET showed just how important professional product data management and effective marketplace integration are for successful e-commerce strategies. Otto Group, myToys and CEWE provided insights into their respective national and international PIM projects. The novomind iMARKET contributions explained what preconditions need to be fulfilled for successful marketplace business. Fiege Logistik gave an interesting experience report on their entry in the world’s biggest online market, China, while PUMA, one of the world’s most successful German sports and lifestyle brands answered participants’ questions in an F&A session.

Customer focused. Technology driven.
The novoinsight conference is all about the exchange between novomind and its customers and partners. This time, “age” was also an issue. “We are turning 18 this year, which means we officially come of age in Germany,” Peter Samuelsen said about the company’s success story. “This has prompted us to reward ourselves with a new look. And our new claim ‘Customer focused. Technology driven.’ underlines the novomind attitude: high customer orientation combined with strong technologies.” novomind’s entirely new corporate design also comprises a full relaunch of the corporate website