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23 Jul 2020

New customer service channel: novomind offers Google’s Business Messages

Chats with brands directly via Google Search or Maps facilitate customer communication / Easy integration into novomind iAGENT omni-channel contact center software / novomind among the first to integrate Google’s Business Messages in Germany
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novomind is among the first in Germany to integrate Google’s Business Messages as a new customer communication channel. The Hamburg-based software developer now offers the integration of Google’s new messaging channel into novomind iAGENT, the innovative omni-channel customer service platform.

Google’s Business Messages makes it even easier to contact brands via mobile devices. A customer chat with a company can be started directly via Google Maps or Google’s search function. This facilitates the straightforward exchange of text and image messages – regardless of the installed messaging apps. Thanks to the integration of Google’s Business Messages as an additional channel in novomind iAGENT, inquiries are routed directly to the intelligent omni-channel contact center software and can be answered either by chatbot or live by an agent in the customer service center.

“By integrating Google’s Business Messages into novomind iAGENT, we now offer businesses an additional channel besides the WhatsApp Business solution and Facebook Messenger to optimize their customer communication with the help of messaging services,” explains Sylvia Tantzen, Managing Director of novomind messaging GmbH, a subsidiary of novomind AG with global operations in the messaging segment. “Google’s Business Messages provides enormous potential for winning new customers. It also improves accessibility and facilitates access to services for existing customers. This allows businesses to optimize the customer experience.”

novomind was one of the first providers to launch the WhatsApp Business solution API as an official Facebook partner in Germany in August 2018. By introducing Google’s Business Messages for its central novomind iAGENT communication platform, novomind, a provider of comprehensive software solutions in the field of omni-channel commerce and customer service, continues to expand its activities in the messaging segment.