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13 Apr 2021

Tenant service on all channels: novomind and Spiri.Bo agree forward-looking partnership

Hamburg-based technology alliance for efficient digital tenant service / novomind iAGENT customer service software and chatbot Lisah for intelligent omni-channel customer service

Services are becoming increasingly digital, also in the housing industry. While building planning and construction processes have long been digital, the host of typical tenant inquiries in housing companies and their service centers still cause delays and overloads as the appropriate digital infrastructure is lacking. novomind AG and Spiri.Bo GmbH, two technology companies from Hamburg, have now agreed a forward-looking partnership to change just that. novomind iAGENT, the centralized omni-channel communication platform from novomind, and Lisah, the intelligent chatbot from proptech company Spiri.Bo, now provide the housing industry with a highly efficient digital infrastructure that can quickly and easily take over the most important first-level support tasks. This digitalization move can reduce routine work in the service center by over 75 percent, ease the workload for service staff and thus save time and money.

“The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service leads to more efficient processes within the company and higher service quality for tenants,” says Markus Rohmeyer, Chief Product Officer at novomind. “Because when the AI-based chatbot handles the majority of the routine inquiries at the first level, service staff have more time for the more complicated tenant requests.” novomind has developed intelligent customer service software using computer linguistic and semantic recognition methods for more than 20 years. In the central novomind iAGENT omni-channel communication platform, chatbots like Spiri.Bo’s Lisah can be connected to all relevant communication channels, including real-time chat on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Based on a central knowledge base, chatbots quickly and efficiently provide the same answer to standard questions on all channels – a critical quality feature also for satisfied tenants.

“We believe that the key to saving administrative costs lies in the consistent automation of processes,” says Matthias Herter, CEO of Spiri.Bo. “That’s why we have developed the AI-based chatbot Lisah to provide first-level support services to tenants.” Routine processes are handled automatically thanks to the knowledge stored in the Spiri.Bo competence database and the connected forms system. More specific inquiries are passed on to service staff. This way, tenant requests are answered quickly and the heating doesn’t stay cold for long.