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04 Jun 2019

Messenger commerce 2019: novomind demonstrates effective real-time consulting at the K5 Conference in Berlin

Omni-channel experts from Hamburg show the bridge function between commerce and customer service / Booth #19

novomind bridges the gap between commerce and customer service – the Hamburg-based software developers demonstrate how this works at the K5 Conference in Berlin on 4 and 5 June (Estrel Congress Center). Messaging makes the customer journey even more individual. With novomind iSHOP, novomind iPIM, novomind iMARKET and novomind iAGENT, novomind offers everything that is important for modern omni-channel commerce. Today, this also includes social media and messaging as real-time ser-vice components.

The motto of this year’s K5 Conference, the ninth edition of the leading e-commerce event in the German-speaking world, is “Unlimited Possibilities – Future Retail Opportunities 2025”. By way of practical examples, novomind illustrates the opportunities already offered today by the smart use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the automation of commerce and customer service processes. “Messaging will play a key role in shaping the future of commerce and customer service,” says Sylvia Feja, CMO Sales & Marketing at novomind. “In Asia, messenger ser-vices like WeChat have already massively changed the way people communicate and shop. In Europe and the USA, this change is also in full swing thanks to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.”

By pooling its expertise in the areas of omni-channel commerce, customer service and messaging under a single roof, novomind will become an internationally sought-after business partner. Since August 2018, novomind has been one of the first WhatsApp Business Solution Providers which are authorized to offer the official WhatsApp Business Interface (API). The integration of WhatsApp underlines the multi-channel approach of the central communication platform novomind iAGENT. Flexible customer service also opens up opportunities for additional online sales. Individual chats permit to offer customers real-time advice and support over the entire customer journey.

A key prerequisite for successful omni-channel commerce is a strategy geared to flexibility and efficiency: novomind iSHOP and novomind iPIM are two high-performance solutions that provide the basis for establishing and expanding a modern, customer-friendly online shop. The shop system and the PIM system are perfectly matched and scalable. novomind iSHOP can be used in a wide variety of scenarios from standard basic shops (quick start stores) to complex, highly individual enterprise solutions. The individually expandable novomind iPIM platform maps all product data processes from the supplier to the customer via every sales channel and thus supports the high performance of the respective shop system.

The commerce package is complemented by novomind iMARKET, the tailor-made standard software for strategic marketplace business. It ensures the automated connection to all relevant national and international marketplaces.

At the K5 Conference, novomind (Booth #19) presents the complete performance potential of its commerce and customer service software, including the new opportunities opened up by messenger commerce. All SaaS solutions are available for hands-on demonstrations and individual tests.