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04 May 2018

Launch of Dubai subsidiary marks novomind’s entry in Middle Eastern, Africa and North African Markets

Hamburg-based software developer continues to internationalise its business / local subsidiary company complements novomind’s MEA strategy

The novomind AG continues to internationalise its business as part of its ongoing growth strategy. The opening of a novomind subsidiary in Dubai completes the Hamburg-based software developer’s entry in the Middle Eastern and African markets. Set up to serve the MEA region, novomind MEA (Middle East and Africa) now complements the local support, and localization activities of novomind Egypt LLC, the company’s existing fulfilment centre in Egypt.

“This expansion into the MEA region will give a massive uplift to our international sales activities,” says novomind AG founder and CEO Peter Samuelsen, adding: “We now have an up-and-running office in the MEA region from Dubai and our team will be off to a flying start.” This has become possible because novomind has taken over the Dubai based Almato MEA, a subsidiary of Reutlingen-based Almato GmbH. Almato, a firm specialising in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is a member of novomind AG’s partner network. The local Almato MEA team has been retained by novomind and will continue to be led by Managing Director Hossam Amer.

“European companies often find themselves faced with a number of localized and cultural factors which pose particular challenges to a successful market entry in the MEA region,” Hossam Amer explains, adding: “Being deeply familiar with the region and its business success characteristics, my team and I are well positioned in addition to our current RPA Service to introduce and sell novomind technologies and products in this regional market.”

The proximity to novomind Egypt, the company’s already existing fulfilment centre, also bodes well for the successful launch of the new novomind subsidiary in Dubai “novomind MEA”. “Figuratively speaking, our two subsidiaries in the MEA region, in addition to our main R&D kitchen in Germany, we now have a “local chef” and a “server” in place – while our Alexandria team “cooks up” exciting software solutions and products with more localized requirements, our Dubai team stands ready to “serve” them to our customers. We believe this is a highly promising constellation.”

By entering the Middle Eastern and North African markets, novomind continues its growth strategy and the internationalisation of its business which was started several years ago. Following on from initial projects in Asia and responding to increasing demand for marketplace integration in Europe and North America, this expansion to Dubai marks the next logical step. Proximity to customers and a consistent focus on their actual needs has always been key to novomind’s success. Being a German and European technology leader in its specific field of expertise, novomind develops efficient software solutions for fast, modern and high-performing online operations in customer service and e-commerce. These solutions are developed in close conjunction with customers and with an unerring focus on their unique needs. novomind solutions are used in the areas of customer service, e-shops, product information management (PIM) and international marketplace integration. Customers include institutions, associations and companies as well as government agencies of all sizes, financial services providers and mid-sized companies as well as international conglomerates. While novomind software is partly cloud based and On-Premise, the company’s SaaS (software as a service approach) means that it can be integrated flexibly in almost any environment.