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06 Apr 2020

Staying in touch despite the coronavirus outbreak – novomind facilitates online communication with citizens, customers and patients

Health chatbot supports patient dialog / Business chatbot and video/audio chats take the pressure off corporate service centers

Keeping your distance is the order of the day. But staying in touch and providing reliable information channels are nevertheless important for social life, business relations and transparency during the coronavirus crisis. The software experts of Hamburg-based novomind AG have put together a bundle of solutions and tools that quickly and easily help companies and institutions to reliably reach and in-form their customers, business partners, suppliers or patients. At, novomind shows possible applications from chatbots to video chats and offers quick help.

Government agencies, health authorities and many enterprises are currently in a state of emergency: “Where can I get tested for COVID-19? How can I get the emergency aid for small businesses? When will the urgently needed printer be delivered?” Many hotlines are no longer able to cope with the flood of inquiries. Service automation tools can provide valuable assis-tance in this case and help ensure reliable communication with citizens, customers and pa-tients. So government bodies and companies can stay in touch without physical contact.
“We want to give businesses, institutions and public authorities a quick overview of and fast access to some of the most successful service automation tools. These tools provide quick help now and will be of great benefit also in the future,” says Sylvia Tantzen, CMO Marketing and Sales at novomind. “For once we have overcome this crisis together, the world will auto-matically have become much more digital.” According to Sylvia Tanzten, automated customer communication is a clear sign of the technological progress, e.g. the heavy use on chatbots on all channels.

Fit for dialog: health bot and business bot
Chatbots can be used for various purposes and are particularly helpful right now. They can conduct automated service dialogs for government agencies and public authorities or be the first point of contact for sales inquiries received by companies. Based on a central knowledge base, chatbots quickly and efficiently provide the same answer to standard questions on all channels. They may therefore be used as the first point of contact on all available channels (e-mail, chat or messengers such as WhatsApp), regardless of the line of industry or situation. If they are “trained” in specific topics, they are reliable electronic helpers in their field of exper-tise. “Electronic customer service has made enormous development leaps,” says Sylvia Tantzen. “For 20 years, we have been using artificial intelligence to develop software precisely for this purpose, namely to take the pressure off service centers, to optimize processes and to support customer dialogs.”

The set of solutions offered by novomind at includes two chatbots for this purpose: Amy, the health bot, takes the pressure off employees in hospitals, clinics, medical practices and healthcare call centers. The chatbot asks a number of questions, for instance to help determine the risk of infection, and answers important general questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus based on the information provided by the Robert Koch Institute. The business bot can help company hotlines to remain available at all times even in case of staff shortages. It answers the most frequently asked questions and forwards inquiries to a human colleague, if required.

Besides the two chatbots, other intelligent software solutions are available as service automation tools for use in a variety of fields, e.g. for customer service while working from home, a quick start into online B2B commerce, fast messaging for maximum customer proximity or classic chats as well as video and audio chats.