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10 May 2019

IP Dynamics and novomind conclude a far-reaching partnership

Long-term cooperation agreed for modern Omnichannel solutions in Contact Centers

The highly specialised IT service provider IP Dynamics and novomind, one of Europe's technology leaders in the field of commerce and customer service, agreed on a long-term partnership at the end of April. The two Hamburg-based IT companies not only want to intensify their active knowledge transfer, they also want to cooperate practically in joint projects. In the area of Contact Center software, they will offer modern Omnichannel solutions together in the future.

"The first meetings with novomind already showed large matches," says Christian Stölken, Managing Director of IP Dynamics. "In our joint Contact and Service Center business area, the cooperation results in a perfect synergy effect."

While novomind's Omnichannel software solution novomind iAGENT offers a powerful and flexible central communications platform for all channels, IP Dynamics brings a lot of experience and expertise, especially in the voice sector (including VoIP and PBX systems). As partners, the two owner-managed companies cover all processes and channels that are relevant for a modern Contact Center. This enables them to provide their customers both innovative and holistic solutions. "IP Dynamics' expertise as a system integrator fits perfectly with our omnichannel software offering for modern customer service," says Sylvia Feja, CMO Sales & Marketing at novomind. "Together, we cover the entire customer journey and can implement it even faster and with more variety."

Since many companies want to move their Contact Centers into the cloud to reduce costs and simplify scalability, novomind and IP Dynamics agreed on a joint strategy for the future. "We want to respond to changing customer requirements, keep developing and provide modern IT solutions for the future," explains Christian Stölken. "The partnership with novomind means a big step forward for us."