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09 Feb 2018

Intelligent software for efficient working and happy customers

novomind presents new features of the novomind iAGENT customer service software as well as new Supervisor at CCW in Berlin

“Happy Agent. Happy Customer” – this is the motto under which novomind will present new products and services enabling efficient service for happy customers at CCW in Berlin (26 Feb. - 1 March). Intelligent software allows call center agents to work efficiently, and satisfied agents mean happy customers. The Hamburg-based software developer has high ambitions – intelligent software that is easy to operate for maximum efficiency. Agents are provided with modules which they can operate intuitively, connect across channels and use with high motivation thanks to their efficiency so that everybody stands to benefit – the better the service provided by optimally equipped agents, the more satisfied the customers. novomind aims to develop the best possible customer service software for this software and to expand it continuously. All the new features will be presented at the novomind booth in Berlin (Hall 2, Booth E13).

New novomind iAGENT Supervisor
The Supervisor of the central iAGENT communication platform has been revised from scratch. The user interface is now even more practice-oriented and features a clearer design. And there are new technical features as well: the new Supervisor enables a cross-module search which offers several filter options as well as the option to save the search result as a favourite. In the "Analytics" area, the monitoring overviews are presented in the form of graphics. The new reporting function makes it easier for the Supervisor to export the reports as Excel tables and to share them using the sharing function. novomind’s app concept has also been integrated into the new Supervisor, giving partners and customers the possibility to develop their own apps on the basis of the interfaces provided by novomind.  
“The revised Supervisor provides administrators and team leaders with a modern, intuitive user interface with detailed monitoring and reporting functions, which gives a better overview of the contact center’s key figures. Challenges in the contact center thus become clearer more quickly, and the intuitive user interfaces facilitates swift action and reaction,” says Sylvia Feja, Head of Customer Service Software at novomind.

Artificial intelligence: Chatbots on all channels
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) will again be one of the key topics at this year’s CCW. What makes sense and what is efficient where and in what form? What can chatbots deliver today and what can be improved? The different possible uses of AI will be demonstrated at the novomind booth. The developers will present examples to show and explain how intelligent dialogues between man and machine are possible today. Whether they are used as FAQ centers where customer inquiries are answered in real time or as virtual service consultants on websites or in web shops – chatbots are available to answer customers’ questions on all channels 24/7. Giving intelligent answers or proposing the right products, bots are becoming increasingly important elements of a personalised customer experience via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The central novomind iAGENT communication platform allows all channels to be controlled individually by a single agent. Whenever the bot reaches its limits, the agent can take over. The interaction between chatbots and human agents is sure to result in high customer satisfaction.

In the context of the annual “Demoforums”, novomind will report on the following topics on all three trade fair days:
Automation – Chatbots – Self Service in the Customer Dialogue Part II
E-Mail, SMS, Chat and WhatsApp in the Customer Dialogue
Future Customer Service: AI and the likes – what‘s next?

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