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23 Mar 2021

The Wine Company launches new online shop from novomind

Multi-language capability of novomind iSHOP slashes relaunch time for Swedish wine merchant / Multi-site technology from Hamburg-based software developer novomind serves as platform basis

Swedish wine merchant The Wine Company is the third subsidiary of Hawesko Holding AG (Hanseatisches Wein und Sekt Kontor), Germany, that has relaunched its online store on the shared technology platform. The purely Swedish-language online shop,, joins and In the relaunch of its web shop, the Swedish wine merchant benefited from the multi-language capability of the novomind iSHOP system, which, as usual, enabled swift implementation and a short project duration (three months), even around the turn of the year. It is complemented by the professional novomind iPIM system for optimum product information management. Both system solutions come from Hamburg-based software developer novomind AG, which also operates the complete technology platform.

“The tried-and-tested platform infrastructure of provided by the shop and PIM systems enables fast realization, short project times and the implementation of features and functions for top performance,” says Stan Carstensen, COO Professional Services at novomind. The multi-language capability of novomind iSHOP also made the purely Swedish implementation of The Wine Company’s online store much easier.

The product detail pages, which are automatically generated on the basis of the product data and enriched with a lot of background information, provide a host of interesting information about the wines, winemakers, countries of origin and growing regions. For customers who want to enjoy The Wine Company’s wines regularly, the online shop even offers a proprietary wine subscription scheme. The latter can easily be managed by the customer themselves.