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18 Sep 2017

Aiming high: Mountaineering brand Mammut launches new online shop with software from novomind

Better performance: novomind iSHOP replaces old system / novomind iPIM used for project data management / Project managed by denkteich
Mammut Online-Shop novomind

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Mammut Sports Group, the global mountaineering brand from Switzerland, has geared up for successful e-commerce and revised and renewed its online shop from scratch. For the launch of the new shop in mid-August and its future operation, Mammut relies on Hamburg-based software supplier novomind, who is also responsible for its future operation. The former shop system, SAP Hybris, has been replaced with novomind iSHOP, a flexible high-performance SaaS commerce solution from novomind. At the same time, novomind iPIM was introduced for an efficient supply of product data. denkteich, a consulting agency from Berlin, was in charge of overall project management. novomind developed the front-end and back-end of the shop, while design agency BUERO112 from Munich was responsible for the creative concept.

”Most importantly, we wanted to improve the performance – and that’s what we have done,“ said a happy Matthias Hanny, Chief B2C Officer at Mammut. “We have already noted that the new online shop is very well received by users.” The new online shop is very dynamic and characterised by high performance. novomind iSHOP enables faster page loading times and the optimum presentation of all shop sections in fully responsive design on all devices.

“Quick implementation, flexibility and high efficiency are the hallmarks of our shop system novomind iSHOP,“ says Stefan Grieben, COO at novomind. The shop went live after a project time of only seven months and has so far been implemented for five countries in three languages.

Mammut’s new web shop offers customers even more possibilities for a personalised shopping experience. The shop technology is supported by novomind iPIM. The product information management system for omni-channel commerce ensures that data is swiftly and reliably exported to the online shop. In addition, novomind iVIEW is used for the delivery of product images and videos, thus visually rounding off the new systems landscape.