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29 Apr 2019

Fit for the future: novomind increasingly focuses on messaging services as a bridge between commerce and customer service

Experts for omnichannel communication: software developers pool messaging expertise in a specialized subsidiary

The success story of the internet is one of constant change. Messaging solutions are the current driver of change. Popular messaging services are changing the way people around the world communicate, live and behave at unprecedented speed. Hamburg-based novomind AG therefore strengthens and consolidates its portfolio of services by focusing its messaging activities in novomind messaging GmbH. In future, the wholly owned subsidiary will pool all services and developments in this area and thereby link the customer service and commerce worlds.

novomind’s software developers are at home in both worlds and have been observing the internationally growing importance of chat channels for many years. The worldwide trend is clear: “Messaging will soon play the key role in customer communication and determine the future of commerce and customer service,” says Sylvia Feja, Managing Director of novomind messaging GmbH. “A look at Asia shows that messaging services such as WeChat are already massively changing the way people communicate and shop.” As soon as chat, call and payment can be coordinated via a common platform, these channels will become more and more attractive. “In the future, a large part of the customer dialogue and online shopping will be processed via messaging solutions. Messaging services will be the bridge between customer service and commerce,” adds Feja.

By pooling its expertise in the areas of omni-channel commerce, customer service and mes-saging under a single roof, novomind will become an internationally sought-after business partner. Since August 2018, novomind has been one of the first WhatsApp Business Solution Providers which are authorized to offer the official WhatsApp Business Interface (API). Pool-ing all services for the different messaging solutions in a specialized subsidiary is the next logical step in the continuous expansion of the messaging business segment.

“Across all industries, companies’ interest in integrating messaging services into their electron-ic customer communication is huge. Many of our customers such as Sixt, OTTO, Eurail and a&o hostels are already using the official WhatsApp Business API for novomind iAGENT,” explains Sylvia Feja. But for many players, especially in the global commerce market, this is only the first step. “Looking at the Asian market, it becomes clear how rapidly the develop-ment is progressing and which purchasing behavior is emerging. Commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Pinduoduo integrate messaging solutions as a matter of course,” says Feja. German companies have to get ready for this change and are already doing so. novomind has, for example, been in talks with its long-standing customer OTTO for some time now to develop intelligent options for advanced messaging solutions that link the worlds of customer service and commerce.

As a Facebook partner, novomind now pools its operative business around the official WhatsApp Business Interface (API) and the Facebook Messenger in novomind messaging GmbH. The latter is also responsible for integrating further services such as WeChat and Apple Business Chat. novomind messaging GmbH has been created by renaming the former Webservice First GmbH and will therefore remain the contact for the FAQ and multi-channel management system Webservice First. Two executives of novomind AG, Sylvia Feja (CMO Sales & Marketing) and Frank Wulf (Director IT Service Operations), will take over the management of novomind Messaging GmbH. Both will assume this management position in addition to their former activities