17 Oct 2013

novoinsight² - novomind annual conference , 17 October 2013, Hamburg

On 17 October, novomind will invite the e-business sector to the grand anniversary of the annual novoinsight² conference.
This 10th gathering will take place in the Hamburg SIDE Hotel und starts with two great keynotes:

'What you must know about the web in order to understand the world. Internet between curse and blessing', Sascha Lobo, Internet Blogger and author

'The customer of the future in the age of the digital revolution', Prof. Dr. Gerrit Heinemann, Director of the eWeb Research Center at the Niederrhein University

In the afternoon the event is divided up into the main subjects: 'e-communication' and 'e-commerce & PIM'.

On 18 October, the 'Meet the Experts' day offers the opportunity to gain a very personal impression of the ground-breaking process and technologies during short working sessions in novomind's offices. Since: 'if you control the past, you control the future. If you control the present, you control the past'. (George Orwell – '1984')