22 Oct 2020

i-CEM Trend and Tool Briefing: Conversational Commerce Online Session

Online Session Thursday, 22 October 2020, 10:00 - 12:00

Conversational Business is seen as the next big revolution after Web 1.0 and the Mobile Web. Currently, the first applications in Europe are more likely to be used as "service and notification" and "weather and information services". Business platforms such as WeChat, on which the entire customer journey is supported and monetized, are not yet a reality. The study provides answers to the success factors, stumbling blocks and what needs to be done to systematically capitalize on the potential of conversational business.

But: What exactly is hidden behind the buzzwords, what do customers really expect from us and how can we gain tangible experience in e-commerce and customer service while creating real added value for customers and conversion for companies? How does conversational commerce change the customer experience? Which changes are temporary, which are structural and which will remain?

In the new format "Trend and Tool Briefing" i-CEM combines information about the current development status and the status quo in the market together with concrete application examples and process models. Decision-makers can use a two-hour interactive online session to find out which topics should or could currently be addressed and how beginners or advanced users can achieve the greatest impact on their business.

novomind Online Session: Conversational Commerce is easy with the right software - novomind AG, David Spaeth

  • Dedicated mobile apps or progressive web apps for the smartphone enhance the customer experience
  • "Ok Google, talk to Media Markt" Skills for Google & Co. using the example of Media Markt
  • WhatsApp as a bidirectional commerce channel
  • Instagram and TikTok as marketplaces of the future

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