01 Dec 2021

AI.SUMMIT 2021, 1st December 2021, Hamburg

novomind is sponsor of AI.SUMMIT 2021 in Hamburg.

The AI.SUMMIT 2021 is the pre-event of BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021, and will take place on December 1st, 2021 on top of Hamburg, at the Emporio Tower. The AI.SUMMIT is the platform to explore the next frontier of this increasingly cognitive economy in Hamburg and the world. Champions of AI and the cognitive revolution will explore trends, present use cases and analyse challenges for applying and scaling the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies in healthcare, logistics, business, climate and sustainability during the one-day event.

As developing Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is in our DNA and is part of the founding story of novomind, we will be sponsor of AI.SUMMIT in 2021. Our collegue Franziska Dempt will take part in the podium discussion "Enterprises Panel - About organisations in a cognitive world" at 2:15 p.m..

Come network and explore Hamburg’s AI ecosystem and international partnerships to accelerate the cognitive economy. Register now!