AI.SUMMIT 2021, 1st December 2021, Hamburg

novomind is sponsor of AI.SUMMIT 2021 in Hamburg.

Customer Contact Congress 2021 18th November 2021

"The Customer Contact Score" - hosted by the Belgian Customer Contact Association

Call & Contact Centre Expo, 16 - 17 November 2021, London

novomind is exibitor at Call & Contact Centre Expo 2021 in London.

Leading German Omnichannel Customer Service SAAS Launches in UK

Most customer service platforms are either strong in traditional voice or digital - rarely doing both well. novomind iAGENT is has been developed over...

Digital commerce: a closer look into the Volkswagen Group (in French)

Register now for the webinar on Thursday 23 September at 11am with novomind

Webinar: Fashion Lightning Demos by, September 15th, 2021

Visons and solutions to the unique needs of the fashion industry
Events Customer Service

novomind iAGENT User Group, 10 June 2021

Messenger, Call, Composer - New features around novomind iAGENT at the next User Group.

Online Seminar: Hype or solid solution? Is Microsoft Teams already a solution for use in the contact centre?

Register now for the i-SERVICE INITIATIVE online seminar.
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novomind iMARKET User Group, April 29, 2021

novomind iMARKET: Features, discussions and outlooks on April 29, 2021.
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novomind iPIM User Group, March 25, 2021

Features, discussions and outlooks on novomind iPIM on March 25, 2021.