WhatsApp Business Solution

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Gain early enterprise access to the WhatsApp business solution with novomind as your verified WhatsApp Business service provider.

The new WhatsApp Business solution for businesses and institutions has been launched and novomind offers the official Business interface (API) of the successful global messaging service allowing businesses of all sectors to connect to their customers. The WhatsApp channel is integrated into the novomind iAGENT omni-channel customer service software and thus complements all the other channels already present as one single unified platform.

Messenger in customer service

Overview of features

  • What is WhatsApp Business Solution?
    Customers want to communicate with companies in the same way they would with friends and family - quick, convenient and easy messages. The WhatsApp Business solution enables this by allowing companies to support, alert and notify their customers through WhatsApp.  The WhatsApp Business solution enables businesses and customers to have a fast, simple and reliable connection on a global platform they know and trust.
  • Why do I need novomind to use WhatsApp Business solution?
    novomind offers an API which easily integrates it into your communication mix. novomind is working closely together with WhatsApp to offer the platform to you in a supported way. We will guide you through the entire WhatsApp onboarding process and offer you access to our ready-to-use solution.
  • Who can use the WhatsApp Business Solution?
    The WhatsApp Business solution can be used from businesses of alle sizes that communicate with their customers and want to inform them fast and easy. The program is however only available with a limited availability. WhatsApp needs to approve the customer before they can be set up.
  • How can I use the WhatsApp Business solution?
    Please contact us via info@No-spamnovomind-mea.com and we will contact you as soon as possible!