Intelligent call center software for optimal omnichannel management:

novomind iAGENT Call

novomind iAGENT Call offers a modern and completely VOIP-based solution for successful Customer Experience Management in times of All-IP.

novomind iAGENT is our software for optimum omnichannel management, offering everything from chat-bots and email management to chats, video chats and social media. Always available – just like a friend.

Even in the digital age, some concerns are best raised through a phone call. The personal service offered to customers through telephone support can quickly and efficiently turn complex problems into satisfaction. novomind iAGENT Call lets you manage all asynchronous channels and on top phone calls – both incoming and outgoing.

novomind iAGENT Call is fully integrated in the intuitive, user-friendly interface of the novomind iAGENT Desk, offering agents all practical features for this channel, such as text blocks and suggestions for automatic replies. It can be integrated into existing systems like CRM and ERP, providing agents with important customer information at a glance. The entire customer history is displayed and tickets are
automatically generated, allowing agents to concentrate on their actual conversations with customers.

Call Center Software

Overview of features

  • All channels in one interface
    Low training requirements and maximum user-friendliness for agents, even when simultaneously operating parallel channels
  • Integrated softphone
    Automatic display for incoming calls Telephone tickets can be automatically generated when taking calls
  • Hybrid option
    Supply from the novomind Cloud with local installation of novomind iAGENT Call PBXs and call controllers to ensure optimum voice quality even when the local connection is poor
  • Combinable with existing telephone systems
    All call centre agents are connected via novomind iAGENT Call, incl. hardphones
  • Central reporting
    IVR with integration possibilities, e.g. in CRM systems for customer recognition, and the use of this information for routing (ACD)
  • Outgoing calls
    Phone numbers are automatically detected by iAGENT, allowing agents to call them with just one click
  • High availability
    Maximum call stability in a redundant novomind iAGENT Call set-up
  • Systemintegration
    Integrationsmöglichkeit z.B. in CRM Systeme zur Kundenerkennung und Nutzung dieser Informationen zum Routing.


  • One interface
    Fully integrated in the novomind iAGENT Desk
  • Central routing
    Service level or skills-based
  • All IP
    Fully VOIP-based
  • Broad range
    Connection via several locations
  • Open
    Standard APIs and apps let you quickly and easily make your own adjustments