Complaint management software:

novomind iAGENT Claim

Transparency and individuality – with modern communications centre software, complex cases can also be processed with confidence at any time

Complaints are helpful. They provide important information about the need to optimise processes and product features. But dealing with a complaint usually involves much more effort than an average customer enquiry and often involves several departments and people. novomind iAGENT Claim provides help and structure. The software holds files centrally for every process, ensuring maximum transparency in complaint processing for everyone involved is guaranteed at all times.

Automated allocation in the multi-channel system

novomind iAGENT Claim ensures complaints or claims are automatically allocated to the right team, quicker processing and that any associated enquiries are answered reliably. By integrating all departments and IT systems in the central communications platform – in which all contact channels are combined – transparent and efficient quality management is guaranteed.

novomind iAGENT Claim can be perfectly adjusted to companies’ individual requirements in complaints and incident management through a generic structure – without any programming effort. Compensation, reasons for complaints, processor roles or also the ticket status can be easily configured via the web-based administrator interface.

Complaint management

Overview of features

  • Structured editor overview
    Web-based and user-friendly application where your employees will find their way intuitively and will quickly familiarise themselves.
  • Analysis and service-level based routing
    The contents of customer enquiries will be sorted (semantic analysis) and allocated to the right complaints category on the basis of classification features and routed to the right team.
  • Systematic recording
    Automated allocation of templates and texts for efficient processing and standardising complaints processes.
  • Multi-level reasons for complaints
    Depending on the issue, any complex reasons for complaints can be selected by agents and multiple responses are possible. Important conclusions about claim drivers can be drawn from reporting.
  • Flexible use
    All kinds of complaints can be processed quickly and clearly – from a classic claim up to highly complex individual complaintrequiring a great deal of research.
  • Generic configuration
    A variety of generic fields can be selected in complaint and incident management in order to be able to depict in-house processes in the tool in the shortest time.
  • Integration in back-end systems
    Comprehensive research possibilities by linking customer master data, CRM, content management and telephony systems.
  • Quality assurance and plausibility
    Proactive trouble shooting (viewing parallel cases) supports employees to research causes and conclusively process incidents (e.g. spellchecking, release procedure, consistent answers).
  • Granular monitoring and reporting
    Central overview of all processes without media interruption allows complaints processes to be optimised for future incidents.


  • Central file for multi-dimensional customer concerns
    Visible at a glance – complaint status, people involved, already existing communication or exchanges.
  • Low costs for customer-specific requirements
    External complaints management will no longer be required because central functions are already provided by the customer communications platform novomind iAGENT. Adjustments, mostly due to the generic design of the tool, can be implemented without any programming effort.
  • Process transparency
    The timeline and status of every complaint can be presented and reported.
  • Usable across channels
    Complaints can be received and documented on every channel that novomind iAGENT works with.