Efficient and smart self-service using artificial intelligence (AI):

novomind iAGENT Chatbot and FAQ

Contact Avoidance, customer engagement and plug-in free software for immediate real-time dialogue

Chatbots and FAQ-Center

Overview of features

  • Dialogue capability
    Intelligent chatbot requests if matters are not clear. Targeted dialogue steps lead to the most suitable help option that comes into question being played back.
  • SEO-capable FAQ centre
    Intelligent index - all questions can be indexed for Google searches – configured individually as a matter of course, including for selected questions only..
  • Reporting
    What has to be fine-tuned to enable an optimal customer experience by bot and self-service? The reporting data will reveal this to you.
  • Persistent dialogue management
    Your bot will never forget. Open dialogue sessions have the option of continuing the conversation between the bot and user at any time. The bot engine technology ensures customer inputs can also be called up with a proactive address by Facebook Messenger.

Customer communication is always changing and has become even more varied due to the digital transformation. The best example is interaction between people and machines. Chatbots are currently breaking through as a new touchpoint that prove their strengths in dialogue on messenger platforms in particular.

Service bot, shopping advisor and FAQ centre

Chatbots can be used in many ways. They can hold automated customer service dialogues and provide smart services in online sales. A service-bot can turn into a shopping-bot. As a provider of clever answers and recommender of suitable products in the online shop, the chatbot via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp is an important part of an even more individual customer experience. It increases traffic and the conversion rate, ensuring more sales and satisfied customers.

We know exactly how it works. Using AI technology is part of the founding story of novomind. It has used multi-channels for 20 years, for example, in FAQ centres at insurance companies, health insurers and financial services providers. And soon in online retailers’ web-shops too. Simple, smart and efficient.

Personal advice remains important

Artificial intelligence and the use of chatbots are complemented by the human mind. Personal service advisors are always there. They use novomind iAGENT to intelligently manage the multi-channel range. Their central task in dialogue is using the right channels in the customer’s interests.

Due to the bots’ central knowledge basis, with the help of novomind iAGENT customers can build a bot that can be used in many areas. Let the bot help with complex products and increase your conversion rate. Or make contact with your customers and fans on social networks and offer a unique customer experience through multi-level dialogue steps, raising you above the competition.

No matter what you want your bot to do for you, with novomind iAGENT you’ll have access to 20 years of market experience in artificial intelligence and will also profit from the interconnectedness of machine and human communication within the novomind solution. Thus always ensuring a smooth transition from machine-human communication up to service agents.


  • 24/7 customer service
    Service around the clock. Chatbots perfect companies’ and institutions’ service times as a kind of pre-first level support.
  • Easy administration
    No IT knowledge required - the iAGENT knowledge base makes it possible to generate any type of complex functions and dialogues for a bot or FAQ centre.
  • Product maturity
    AI technology is part of novomind’s founding story, developing it determines our DNA. Bots, FAQ centres and applications for successful customer service have been created like this for 20 years – mature products, intelligent software.
  • Integrating external systems
    Alongside the knowledge base in novomind iAGENT, bots can control any number of other sources, such as ERP or CRM systems, and use their inputs to help customers with their concerns.
  • Transfer to a real employee
    As soon as the chatbot can’t help any further, it can slickly forward the customer to a real interlocutor. This can be controlled individually depending on the context. The previous dialogue will also be transferred, of course.
  • Higher conversion rate
    Reducing uncertainties and fewer errors by addressing customers directly. Bots are also particularly helpful with products that require a lot of explanation and for complicated closing paths by providing clear communication.