Reporting and intraday management:

novomind iAGENT Reporting & Analytics

Cross-channel transparency for better customer insights and process optimisation in the service centre

Multi-channel management – a central challenge for companies. Processes have to be redefined, workforce management has to be adapted. An accompanying optimisation process is part of this.

Professional customer service on many different channels today requires comprehensive reporting that supplies the relevant KPIs. Monitoring and reporting in novomind iAGENT is based on many years of project experience and continuous improvements through well-founded analysis of customer feedback.

novomind iAGENT Reporting & Analytics contains a differentiated standard set of reports, so most KPIs can be called up with just a few clicks. Individual reports can be generated at any time.

Reporting and Analytics

Overview of features

  • Flexible data visualisation
    Customisable analytics overview (revealing/masking KPIs)
  • Report Wizard
    Reports as per KPI requirements can be put together individually within the Reporting-GUI
  • Flexible filter and grouping possibilities
    The supervisor can select the reporting-relevant data view with just a few clicks. Custom reports can be saved and shared with other users.
  • Not visible
    Flexible reporting engine as the basis for reports and analytics
  • Stable and customisable interface to the data view (e.g. for your own reporting)
  • Customers can connect their own reporting to our tool


  • Performance
    Perfect integration of all processes and tools in novomind iAGENT using our own BI software development. Thus guaranteeing optimal performance.
  • Further development
    Continuous optimisation – agile development process including analysing and processing customer feedback ensures continuous further development.
  • Adaptability
    All reports can be adapted using filter functions. Companies can compile their own defined reports at any time, thus ensuring maximum evaluation of the collected data and making it individually usable.