Messenger bot for customer service:

novomind iAGENT Messenger

Intelligent integration of Facebook, WhatsApp & Co.

Messengers are the communications medium that most move customers today. Facebook, WhatsApp & Co. determine our private communications behaviour when out and about and at home – which is why they also have to be dealt with professionally in the contact centre and integrated as channels.

Dealt with by contact centres or chatbots

As a central multi-channel communications platform, novomind iAGENT ensures smooth messenger connections. It’s easy to handle as usual.  The agent answers questions on the messenger channel directly from the system while accessing the central knowledge base.

Messenger enquiries come briefly, quickly and directly – through prioritised routing you can also meet your customers’ expectations quickly and directly on this channel. And the choice is yours. Your contact centre can answer or this can be done completely automatically – by chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Messenger in customer service

Overview of features

  • WhatsApp
    Quick and direct. The most popular communications channel worldwide is depicted in novomind iAGENT, including its specifications.
  • Facebook Messenger
    Integrated in novomind iAGENT for quick and simple processing as part of the multi-channel strategy. Pinboard messages and reactions to comments can also be called up.
  • Chatbot in Facebook Messenger
    New channels, new possibilities - Messenger led to the chatbot breakthrough. Dialogue capable bots provide a 24/7 service in Facebook Messenger.