Call center software for digital customer communication:

novomind iAGENT

Your new dimension of customer contact: novomind iAGENT is the intelligent customer service software for optimal multichannel management – from chatbots through email management, chat, video chat and WhatsApp up to social media. Always available – just like a friend.

novomind iAGENT modules


Standard and professional response management for written customer communication (e.g. email, social media, text message, fax, letter)

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Real-time personal consultation with novomind Live Chat software

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Chatbots and FAQ-Center

Efficient and smart self-service using artificial intelligence (AI)

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Video and audio chat

Plug-in free software for immediate real-time dialogue

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Messenger in customer service

Facebook Messenger & co. directly integrated as additional communications channels

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Complaint management

Central processing of complaints and customer feedback

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Reporting and analytics

Cross-channel transparency for evaluations and optimising your service centre processes

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iQ Dialog Engine

Automatic text recognition and dialogue capability on a standard knowledge basis

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novomind iAGENT

Overview of features

The intelligent customer service software for all channels


Multichannel communication
All interactions with customers are covered across all available channels in one interface. Combination of computer linguistic (transparent) and semantic (self-learning) procedures


Structured user interface to operate the individually configurable software simply and quickly


Transparent evaluation for optimal control of your service centre


More efficient communication
Efficiency and speed when processing customer enquiries


Standard knowledge basis
Automatic text recognition and dialogue capability to produce the same answers to the same questions

Classic call centers that answer enquiries exclusively by telephone have become multichannel contact centers. You use all communications channels and at the same time offer your customers intelligent and dialogue-capable self-service (chatbot or FAQ centre) on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI). novomind iAGENT covers the entire interaction with customers across all available channels.

As the basis of novomind iAGENT, our IQ Dialogue Engine is based on a combination of computer linguistic (transparent) and semantic (self-learning) procedures. Alongside a dialogue capability for your chatbot, this guarantees an optimal recognition quota for your correspondence (email, WhatsApp, social media, chat) in your service centre. All with the help of a standard knowledge database. Because you need the same answer to the same question.

You can only give a good answer if you understand the question

With the help of computational linguistic and semantic procedures, our software automatically analyses every customer enquiry – supported by rules-based and statistical recognition technologies.

Our software is based on a natural language dialogue engine and understands the meaning of the customer enquiry. It offers a (partly) automated customer service to process written enquiries, regardless of the communications channel. This key technology is included in novomind iAGENT for all channels.

Intelligent channel linking optimises user-friendliness and infrastructure

Experience over the last 10 years has shown that alongside pure recognition technology, supporting work processes in contact and service centres is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, in novomind iAGENT we combine all IT applications for customer management in one standard agent interface. This stands out with high user-friendliness and quick ticket processing. A clear user environment also supports the familiarisation process for new employees and minimises training effort – an important factor for success in a sector with high fluctuation rates.


  • User-friendliness
    Low training duration for just one user interface
  • iQ Dialog Engine
    Automatic text recognition and dialogue capability
  • Standard knowledge basis
    Same answers to the same questions
  • Performance
    High performance system for efficient processing of enquiries even at maximum utilisation of the service centre
  • Stability
    High guaranteed availability of the system and 24/7 support
  • Integrationsfähigkeit
    Integration mit eigenen Schnittstellen in fremde Systeme
  • Integration capability
    Integration with in-house interfaces in external systems
  • Trust
    Numerous references and an effective network


Success in figures

novomind iAGENT Benefits


reduction in ticket costs per enquiry


of customer enquiries are answered fully automatically by AI (bots and FAQ centre)


Agents are working with novomind iAGENT