Machine Learning for automated processes:

novomind iAGENT iQ Dialog Engine

Integral component of all scenarios on all channels


Recognition means understanding. To understand and professionally process customer concerns, a multi-channel capable central recognition entity is available in the form of novomind iAGENT iQ Dialogue Engine.

This knowledge base is an integral component of every usage scenario for all channels. The AIM technology (Artificial Intelligence Method) developed by novomind is used in ticket and mail management. An AI component works closely together with the knowledge base for text analysis here. This knowledge base also enables novomind chatbots to understand text inputs and depict the course of multi-level dialogues.

novomind iAGENT iQ Dialogue Engine, which provides cross-channel support, is the technical basis and “AI heart” of all automated processes in the central communications platform novomind iAGENT.

iQ Dialogue Engine

Overview of features

  • Composer
    Highly complex and interrelated business rules and functions can be created by an administrator. novomind Composer offers numerous possibilities to integrate external systems in functions too.
  • AIM (Artificial Intelligence Method)
    Guaranteed recognition rate of over 80 per cent due to AIM technology.  Both machine learning and business rules from the central knowledge base are used for the text recognition. AIM offers a high degree of flexibility when selecting between statistical and rules-based classification and adapts perfectly to the company's requirements.
  • Automation
    Automated dispatching and categorisation on the basis of perfected recognition. Which means generating answer suggestions, identifying both process data and the right clerk, and providing the processor with case-relevant data are possible quickly and simply.


  • Dialogue capability
    Understand the entire context and not just one question.
  • The best of both worlds
    Artificial intelligence and the human mind – novomind iAGENT iQ Dialogue Engine combines machine learning and individual administration of the knowledge base.
  • Quick ROI
    Using the perfected recognition entity productivity optimisations of up to 30 per cent are realistic.
  • Central knowledge base
    novomind iAGENT iQ Dialogue Engine administers the knowledge required for recognising and automating customer concerns so these can be called up quickly and centrally.