novomind iSHOP Shopmanagement Tools:

flexible and intuitive for top performance

A central backend for a complete shop management


novomind iSHOP Shop Management Tools are your instruments for a flexible and intuitive administering to your online shop. With a central backend you’ll have everything under control – from the Content Management System (CMC) through A/B testing and dynamic categorisation up to product list management, personalisation and reporting. The high-performance and highly efficient novomind iSHOP Shop Management toolset will give you and your shop manager everything you need for a successful online shop with its upgrade levels – and everything without involving your IT.

The novomind iSHOP Shop Management Tools at a glance:


Content Management System (CMS)
Intuitive, integrated CMS tooling. Clear, quick and customer-specific maintenance of all contents. Full control for shop managers at all times.

  • Live preview and review function for all contents
  • Pre-production of contents
  • Changes possible in real-time
  • Time-controlled and personalised area management
  • WYSIWYG editor switchable to professional mode (HTML)
  • Teaser templates as pre-defined, simple operating elements
  • Intuitive to use – without involving IT

A/B Testing
Shop managers can provide complete pages with A/B (or more) variants in all areas – without programming or IT help.

  • Test configuration with as many variants as you wish
  • All shop settings that can be configured by the shop manager in the tooling can be tested
  • Test evaluation possible directly in the Shop Management Tool
  • Central control of the test run time
  • Preview function

Filter, facets, efficiency – quick and out-of-the-box. The search engine supplies ex-tremely precise results and also maintains high performance with large quantities of data. It is ready-to-go immediately with a basic configuration.

Integrated search with dynamic filters and facets

  • High performance also with large quantities of data
  • Fuzzy search
  • Search algorithm can be configured
  • Refinement by synonyms, exclusions
  • Multi-language support
  • Search suggest (top search, categories, brands, products, markets) including blacklisting
  • Integrated content search
  • Direct search links
  • Various possibilities to analyse and optimise searches
  • Integrated ASN
  • Search index A/B testable

Managing competitions and special campaigns is child’s play

  • Promotion management by shop managers for price reductions, free delivery, giveaways etc.
  • Controllable at product or shopping basket level
  • Possible with individual or general validity (personalised voucher possible)
  • Freely definable redemption conditions

Recommendation Engine
Configure optimal conditions for maximum cross- and up-selling via business rules at any time. Real-time evaluations.

  • Integrated recommendation engine without extra costs
  • Recommendations can be activated without IT know-how and can be played back at any points in the shop
  • Product recommendations for cross- and up-selling
  • Lots of different recommendation strategies can be chosen
  • Possibility to manually “override” the recommendations
  • Personalised recommendations based on click behaviour and interests

Dynamic category creation
Create dynamic categories such as “Sale” with smart categories quickly and easily from attributes only available in the shop.

  • In-memory technology – products can be charged when calling up a category
  • Categories can be created at short notice by the shop manager – without line departments
  • Brand categories can be created easily on receipt of the category tree on the basis of the product data

Product list management
Rules-based, automatic sorting for product lists can be created quickly and easily

  • Access to shop’s BI data and BI data from external systems for sorting
  • Easy setup including preview of product lists
  • Various scorecards can be created, global or category-true specification
  • Filter per product list or global configuration
  • Various setting possibilities for manual optimisation (with hero items, content inserts, SEO boxes per category, etc.)

Support for external online marketing (SEO, SEM and affiliate features)
The shop as a marketing tool

  • Meaningful, freely definable URLs
  • All SEO standards such as title, description, texts can be updated without IT know-how
  • Overview cockpit for all SEO standards can be checked and updated at a glance
  • Updated redirects
  • Landing pages
  • Reports about important SEO information (redirects and 404)
  • Updated canonicals with intelligent logic
  • Easy to configure affiliate exports including data refining

On the way to the personal online shop – contents can be coordinated and tailored manually and automatically

  • Customer-specific product and content recommendation
  • 1-to-1 personalisation
  • Cross-device user recognition
  • Content-personalisation on the basis of user actions
  • Touchpoint-specific playback of contents
  • Customer segmentation on the basis of interests, purchasing behaviour etc.
  • Soft login

Reporting shop events
Get the most out of your shop – on the basis of detailed reporting with concrete action options

  • Overview of the most important shop KPIs
  • Automatic mail notifications
  • By web APP– important KPIs (conversion, sales, …) can be seen directly in the shop using a reveal. So a direct connection can be made between sales figures and the product.