novomind iSHOP Quickstart Store:

a fully responsive online shop in two months

Expandable basic shop including the most important functions – for quick successful e-commerce

The novomind iSHOP Quickstart Store combines the most important components for quick and successful e-commerce. The pre-configuration of best-in-class e-commerce functions will get your online-shop into business as quickly as possible – go live in two months.

Speed and dynamic in the online world of omni-channel commerce demands intelligent and flexible solutions. No one wants dinosaur shops with the technical charm of the 90s and implementation times of more than twelve months any more. novomind iSHOP Quickstart Store offers a complete package for optimally launching your online shop. With the latest technologies, it can be adapted and rolled out in all languages and it is also client and multi-currency capable. So together with you, we will create the basis for your future success – and you can fully concentrate on your core business.

How does it work? The basis is formed by a completely callable setup in our private cloud as a software-as-a-service solution. It contains all the important components –from payment providers up to website tracking. We’ll combine the package with an agile procedure model, adapt the shop to your CI and integrate it in your ERP system. Let’s go!

Full-Responsive Store

Perfect design for all terminals – without any manual effort.

The triumph of mobile terminals has led to changes in buyer behaviour online. More and more users go shopping on smartphones and tablets, when out and about or on the sofa at home. The shopping experience has to fit this – including the presentation too. Automatic device recognition to present your e-shop optimally – this is a must.

Short time-to-market

The quick and efficient path to your own online shop

You need speed. Online requirements change rapidly, long project run times risk the final go live already being “out”. With the novomind iShop Quickstart Store from your Day X you will be guaranteed to have a state-of-the-art e-shop on the net that meets the latest requirements.