Mobile Commerce with novomind iSHOP

Everything for your omnichannel strategy, from the app to the QuickStart store


You’ll be perfectly set up to seamlessly integrate all modern mobile commerce elements in your omnichannel strategy with the platform from novomind iSHOP. App commerce via iOS and Android as well as a QuickStart app – all out-of-the box.

Success factor mobile commerce

Almost 30 per cent of all online purchases are made using mobile devices. Mobile commerce is the elementary touchpoint of the customer journey. Purchases, regardless of whether online or offline, are already significantly influenced by this, making mobile commerce an important factor for success in omnichannel commerce.

novomind iSHOP Desktop Webshop, Mobile Webshop and App are perfectly coordinated with each other. Shopping baskets on various terminals are compared, clicks on a newsletter from a smartphone are immediately directed to the optimal presentation. Watch lists, shopping baskets and product categories synchronised between app and desktop are matter of course. Plus the best possible user experience and native features such as push messages or location-based features.

What’s available? Mobile webshops on an HTML5 basis plus native apps. What’s the difference? Mobile webshops are often realised using responsive web design and are based on the same or a special template set. Native apps are developed directly for the relevant terminal and use its features. Trend: the importance of apps is rising.

novomind iSHOP app

Fully integrated and native – the novomind iSHOP app that ideally supplements the online shop. The entire content management for the app is provided directly by the central shop management of novomind iSHOP. No additional infrastructure is nec-essary. Furthermore, due to the deep integration standard personalisation can be used just as much as central tracking.

Due to the native app technology commerce features can be displayed that are not possible with pure browsers:
•    Scanning products via NFC or camera
•    Realising location-based marketing via Geofencing/GPS or Bluetooth Bea-cons
•    Introducing new marketing instruments and focused targeting via push mes-saging
•    Providing automatic logins and one-off authentications

novomind iSHOP App SDK and QuickStart app
With the novomind iSHOP App SDK you can quickly and efficiently implement your individual app with deeper integration in your novomind iSHOP. The SDK offers standardised access to all the important features of novomid iSHOP, from product data and content, through A/B testing and up to searches. We maintain the interface and ensure optimal support for the current iOS and Android version.

The novomind iSHOP QuickStart App uses the SDK and realises an out-of-the-box app, which essentially only has to be adapted to your corporate identity. The app can be individually adapted and extended.

novomind iSHOP Mobile Webshop
For your quick start in mobile commerce. novomind Quickstart Store consistently implements responsive web design and offers optimal and efficient presentation for every device, automatically and out-of-the-box. Even with a native app a mobile browser variant also has to be available today. A matter of course for novomind iSHOP.